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Why Hire Sandy Geroux

Meeting Planners - Here are 10 benefits you get when you hire Sandy Geroux for your meetings and seminars:

  1. You get an award-winning top producer who's "been there and done that" in the areas of customer service, sales, risk-taking, personal and professional goal-setting and achievement - and creating WOW experiences!
  2. You get a seasoned professional who is easy to work with, responsive and responsible, who knows the importance of making your meeting special.
  3. You get an entertaining storyteller who sprinkles humor liberally throughout her presentations to illustrate her message and hold her audience's attention, as well as a singer who writes and performs customized humorous song parodies, as well as inspiring songs, to further her message and connect with your members.
  4. You get an effective keynoter who captures the theme of your meeting or convention, pulling attendees together with the momentum of shared objectives.
  5. You get customized presentations designed to address the specific needs, goals and "personality" of your organization.
  6. You get a caring and compassionate presenter who speaks from the heart and touches her audience with her candidness.
  7. You get an enthusiastic speaker who gets your attendees' creative juices flowing, inspiring them to action with real-life experiences and personal stories to demonstrate the points she delivers.
  8. You get power-packed programs, loaded with information, tools, techniques and tips to help attendees enhance and advance their careers and their lives.
  9. You get a "real person" who cares about delivering the very best to each and every audience she has the privilege of addressing.
  10. You create programs your attendees will talk about long after the presentation is over!

Clients and Meeting Sponsors - Here Are 10 Benefits You Receive When You Hire Sandy Geroux For Your Meetings and Training Seminars!

  1. Sandy helps your associates connect with their personal values as well as the core values of the organization by validating those values, reinforcing them and suggesting ways to demonstrate them every time there is a choice to either remain complacent and do nothing or make a difference in someone's life.
  2. Sandy inspires your associates to maintain an exceptional service mindset, helping them create "WOW" experiences for customers and each other.
  3. Your management team is empowered to design, develop and implement policies that truly serve customers, as well the organization, enabling you to create and leverage a competitive advantage that grows your business.
  4. Your associates work better together as they become more equipped with effective internal support systems to motivate and inspire each other to greater productivity and job satisfaction.
  5. You lead your people to greater success by furthering true "Open Door" policies as well as opportunities for everyone to gain from personal mentoring and interaction with superiors, peers and subordinates.
  6. Sandy guides your associates in increasing creativity, innovation and effective risk-taking in order to create breakthrough performance.
  7. You receive analytical models that help you and your associates recognize situations in which you've previously held yourself back and provide opportunities to take positive action in the future.
  8. You provide associates with ongoing motivation via inspiring programs, training sessions and other resources created by Sandy.
  9. You equip your colleagues with creative tools to analyze their behavior and reactions to negative situations (internal and external), moderate their actions and reactions, examine the consequences of acting on negative impulses and learn alternate methods of handling these situations through increased awareness and use of empathy toward co-workers and customers.
  10. You receive access to customized, personalized individual and team consultation services provided by a knowledgeable and caring professional focused on helping your organization prosper.

Meeting Participants - Here Are 10 Benefits You Get When You Attend Sandy Geroux's Meetings and Seminars!

  1. You receive information that dispels the myths of success and achievement and inspires you to take action toward a higher level of personal and professional success.
  2. You increase your earning power and job satisfaction with tips that help you overcome fear and take action.
  3. You learn how to let human nature work for you, not against you!
  4. You learn the importance of using effective, consistent and organized systems to help you grow and prosper.
  5. You discover the extraordinary and exponential power of networking by learning to leverage all your contacts and maximize your exposure to new contacts who can help you in the future.
  6. You gain valuable knowledge regarding how to effectively analyze risk and determine which risks to take, as well as how to create and follow a plan designed to leverage appropriate risks for breakthrough performance.
  7. You increase your success, satisfaction and ability to prosper by discovering how to effectively set, monitor and achieve career and personal goals.
  8. The critical mindsets and habits of top producers and high achievers are examined, allowing you to emulate and incorporate them into your own life, translating them into more career and personal success.
  9. You learn how to create "customers for life" who not only use your services again and again, but rave about you to everyone they know, creating loyal allegiances no one can break.
  10. You receive powerful learning guides and tools to enable you to implement, practice, and utilize what you learned during the presentation to further your career after the program.


Call us at 407-856-1188 or e-mail us today to discuss how Sandy can empower you and your organization to grow more energized, profitable and productive through her dynamic programs!

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