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No Risk, No Reward!

Keynote & Breakout Program on Creating Breakthrough Performance
Through Appropriate Risk-Taking

Upbeat and real! Sandy's infectious energy, balanced with stable evaluation of taking risks gives me more confidence and desire to take some risks and grow.

- Barbara Wong
Capital Management Benefits, Anchorage, AK

Do you know what you want to do, but allow fear to stop you?

Have you held yourself back from the success you desire?

Do you look at taking risks as an "all-or-nothing" proposition - afraid to take a risk for fear of losing everything you've already attained in your career or your life?

Every time I talk about taking risks, I'm asked, "So, when you are you going to jump out of a plane, Sandy?"

This is a great question! Many of us view skydiving as the ultimate expression of risk-taking, which can be used as a great jumping-off point (pun intended!) for taking more risks in our lives. But we must also look at the bigger picture and focus more on reasonable risks done daily that create a lasting impact, than on short-term risks done once that become simply a pleasant memory... because reasonable and appropriate risk-taking isn't about jumping out of a plane...

It's about jumping out of your SELF!

It's about jumping out of your old self, and your old habits, into a whole new self who is willing to take the risks necessary to create the breakthrough performance that will change your life. And if you think big success in business and in life is all luck, think again!

This program is designed to help attendees learn to think differently about taking risks, what factors they will face when deciding to take risks, and principles to follow to achieve their goals and gain buy-in from others.  Valuable mindsets and examples from Sandy's personal experience and the experiences of others will be shared to inspire attendees to think more creatively about taking risks in their personal and professional lives.

Discussion points for this program include:

  • Definitions of risk: learning to think differently about taking risks
  • What is your dream?  Have we lost the ability to dream big? (Interactive audience participation exercise)
  • Why take risks?  Why not “play it safe”?
  • 4 Levels of Risk: which level are you?  How do you increase your risk tolerance level?
  • 4 Categories and sub-categories of risk: in which category(ies) are you most likely to take risks.
  • Excuses:  How do we stop holding ourselves back? (Interactive audience participation exercise)
  • Let's make a plan (Participants begin their own plans to take more risk in their lives in order to achieve their goals)

Following this program, participants will:

  • Recognize the absolute necessity and benefit of taking appropriate risks in business and life.
  • Identify and mentally prepare for the 4 factors they must fight when deciding to take risks.
  • Learn 5 valuable principles for taking risk, including steps to take to motivate themselves and how to gain buy-in from others whose help they may need/want.
  • Identify and eliminate the excuses they use to hold themselves back, and begin a plan to add more risk in their lives to accomplish their goals.
  • Learn the importance of being a positive role model for higher personal and professional performance.

More comments from attendees of Sandy's programs on taking risks:

Sandy was an excellent speaker, and she sure can get people motivated. Amazing choice for a keynote. Great job, everyone needs encouragement; loved it!

Held my attention the whole time, informative, honest, inspiring—great voice! I learned that there really is a stupid stage to Risk Taking. I have been motivated to take a step from low to medium.

Makes you think. Solutions to help take risks and change attitudes. Great voice.

I can’t wait to get back to work and be that risk taker; put myself out there and strive for different possibilities.

Call us today at 407-856-1188, or e-mail us for more details regarding Sandy's enlightening and interactive programs designed to help you create breakthrough performance by taking reasonable and appropriate risks in your personal and professional life!

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