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Sandy's Motivational Speaking/Training Programs & Services

Very few speakers can step in on short notice and do such an incredible presentation, much less one that is tailor-made to us. What an awesome job! On behalf of all the NALS members and myself personally - thank you so much for stirring us with your presentation. I seriously do hope that you will come back to us in the future.

- Tammy Shatwell-Mullins
NALS Education and Certification Manager
NALS...the association for legal professionals

Sandy's Corporate and Conference ProgramsMotivational leadership keynote speaker author singer


At your request, Sandy's keynotes and convention programs may contain fun and inspiring songs and song parodies.
Ask her about a song or custom song parody for your organization!

Sandy's Keynote, Convention and Meeting Programs

Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace! (Motivational leadership program)

Thank you for your care and WOW for us! This program gave me great ideas for my fellow employees. I cannot wait to get back and put this information into action! Very needed and useable information. Thanks, Sandy! Enjoyed your songs, also. You are a very touching person!

- MHCA Conference Attendees


Do your employees have to come to work because they make a paycheck… or do they love to come to work because they make a difference?

Your WOW products and services may attract customers, but do your people create a lasting relationship with them or drive them away? Disengagement and burnout often prevent people from sharing new ideas and going the extra mile to find hidden WOW’s that add up to exceptional experiences for everyone around them. In other words, creating the WOW is about our people and their willingness to engage and take ownership for their role in the organization's success.

Do your policies and procedures enable and encourage team members to be creative and innovative when serving others? Do they feel safe to use their judgment in order to create exceptional experiences? Do your systems and tools support and enable them to follow those creative actions through to completion? Or do those experiences fall flat because the systems or tools don't work, and actually prevent them from keeping their promises?

Both the human (service) side and the systems side of the equation must be performing to their fullest potential in order to enable WOW experiences. Therefore, we need to design our experiences and supporting systems with this in mind:

     Without the systems, the service falls flat.

     Without the service, the systems don't matter.


In this program, Sandy addresses both sides of the WOW by sharing uplifting ideas, entertaining stories, and easy-to-use models that foster innovative and proactive thinking. The program inspires attendees to fully engage and bring their ideas to fruition by sparking their creativity and showing them how to anticipate knowledge gaps, improve processes, enhance productivity, eliminate excuses and break the “status quo”, so their ideas can be realized. By reinforcing a culture of service, values, creativity and respect, Sandy also demonstrates how to effectively leverage the competitive advantage that exists in tapping into the tacit knowledge of the team, so it doesn't remain hidden or “walk out the door” to benefit your competition. The result is that attendees remember that they do make a difference… and can lead others to do the same.

Following this presentation, participants will:

Discussion Points:


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It’s My Dream … And Who Am I To Stop Me™? The Mindsets and Habits of High Achievers

Are you good at setting goals? Maybe you're a great goal-setter, but are you a great goal-achiever?

The mindsets and habits of high achievers offer key principles and concepts that help others achieve their dreams. In this highly motivational program on goal-setting, achievement and success, Sandy focuses on these mindsets and habits, as well as effective goal-setting tips and techniques.

Sandy inspires her audiences by sharing stories and concepts that help them create a framework and plan to achieve success, increase self-reliance and self-confidence, and maintain focus and unwavering commitment to their dreams. More importantly, she helps attendees move from their current stage in life to the life of their dreams by encouraging them to start dreaming again (maybe for the first time in a long time). Attendees actually begin their own plans to achieve their dreams before they leave!

Click here for more information on this popular program!

No Risk, No Reward: Creating Breakthrough Performance Through Effective Risk-Taking

Risk is not a one-time event; it’s a habit… and it’s not about jumping out of a plane… it’s about jumping out of your SELF!

As a society, we’re too often taught to avoid risks and focus on "playing it safe." What we’re not taught is that some level of risk is necessary in order to progress forward, nor are we taught what this level is, how to gauge and leverage it for success, or the high cost of "playing it safe".

This program is designed to help attendees create breakthrough performance by learning to think differently about taking risks and realize the critical importance of taking calculated and appropriate risks. They will also discover the factors they will face when deciding to take risks, as well as principles to follow to achieve their goals and gain buy-in from others. Sandy shares personal experience and the experiences of others who have escaped the trap of "playing it safe" to inspire attendees to think more creatively about taking personal and professional risks.

With this program, Sandy also helps organizations create a climate that encourages and rewards reasonable and appropriate risk, so employees feel empowered to connect with their values and creativity to produce exceptional experiences for themselves, their colleagues and their customers!

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I'd like Sandy To EMCEE my conference!EMCEE Sandy Geroux

I want to express our sincere gratitude for your role as Emcee. There is no doubt that bringing you back for a second year was one of the best decisions we made for APC. Your energy knows no bounds and reaches out and touches everyone in the general sessions! Your singing added a personal touch... your stage presence and outgoing personality made the APC very proud indeed to have you as our Emcee. It was such a joy working with you. I could always count on you to deliver our message. I can't thank you enough for making this one of the best conferences ever.

- Ellen Ackerman
APC Conference Director


Professional EMCEE MC

As EMCEE for your conference, Sandy brings a liberal dose of warmth, humor, and connection that delivers the right message and creates an experience attendees will not forget. From humorous interactions, to fun quizzes and interactive games, to inspiring quotes, to delivering key messages, Sandy's personal style makes everyone feel welcome and valued. She even sings! Sandy will also attend your fun events, dress in "themed" attire for fun programs, help with raffle drawings... and generally do whatever needs to be done to create a consistent and welcoming presence when your organizers cannot be "everywhere at once"!



Custom Assessments & Consulting

A WOWplace cannot be created overnight - or all in one leap. Rather, a WOWplace is created by setting performance goals for each specific area of the organization. By forming quantitative and qualitative targets and then establishing systems and procedures for measuring, monitoring, and achieving the desired goals, a WOWplace is created, step by step. Thus, it is critical for leaders to understand where their organization is in terms of leadership, trust, respect, service, knowledge, competence, and a multitude of other factors that contribute to creating WOWs or OWs for their customers and employees alike. Custom assessments help you identify where your organizational strengths lie, as well as any gaps that exist in your WOWplace.

Sandy has teamed up with Aspen Consulting Group (providers of customized assessment and consulting services to organizations across the U.S.) to help you identify your organization's pressing issues and develop a "roadmap" to assist you in creating (or further enhancing) your WOWplace!

Some of the areas Sandy's team can help you assess include:


Call today to discuss a custom assessment for your organization that will help you, one step, one system, one WOW at a time... turn your workplace into a WOWplace!


Executive Speechwriting & Speech Coaching

You are a true gem. I am so impressed with the work you have done with the executive team. Their presentations were soooo good. You have really helped to shape their message and confidence in so many ways.

Sandy, I wanted to thank you for the help this year. The feedback I am receiving about Atlanta and all the other meetings is that they are BY FAR the best we have ever had!

You are awesome! We very much appreciate the wonderful relationship we have with you and all of the incredible work you do.

You bring out the best in us and make us all look and sound great! Thanks!

Sandy is an executive speechwriter and speech coach, and has worked with executive clients for 5 years to help them bring cohesion to their messages, bring their stage presence to higher professional levels and create takeaway materials that can be used as checklists for success after the conference is over.

If you and your team would like help writing and finding the best way to deliver speeches for your conventions, meetings, and training programs, call Sandy! She will work with you to learn your industry, your individual personalities and presentation styles, and your specific business to help you craft a program that is right on target, as well as uplifting and informative. She will also coach you to deliver your presentation at the highest possible level of energy, passion, and connection.

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Sandy's Full-Day Seminars

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Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace™!
(Click here for Manager/Supervisor Training Program Outline)

Creating the “WOW” for Your Company, Your Career, and Your Life!
(Click here for 3-Hour Program Outline)

It's My Dream and Who Am I to Stop Me?™
(Goal-Setting, Planning and Achievement presentation and facilitation)


Call for details on the following training programs:

Creating "WOW" Customer Service
(Customized Front Line Customer Service training program)

Creating the "WOW" for Employees
(Improving Employee Motivation and Engagement)

Call us today, at 407-856-1188, or e-mail us for more details regarding Sandy's speaking services, and how she can inspire and empower your organization to achieve more!


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