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Motivational keynote speaker, employee engagement, customer service

Workplace: where employees HAVE to go because they make a paycheck.

The WOW place where people LOVE to go because they make a difference!

I wanted to let you know what great feedback we are continuing to receive from your keynote at our National Franchise Conference. The lessons learned
have been a big hit with our franchise community.

It's a real testimonial on your program when
months after the event owners are still engaged
in implementing the key points you stressed.
Not only was your presentation entertaining, it is
making a positive difference in our business.

- Jim George / President & CEO,
The Snip-Its Corporation

The The WOW place Rules® Rules:

  1. A WOWplace is Safe
  2. A WOWplace is Respectful
  3. A Wowplace is Human...
    not Humanoid
  4. A WOWplace is Innovative,
    Creative and Fun!
  5. A WOWplace is Rewarding









Sandy's Clients

Sandy's Clients


Your presentation was the highlight of the morning
and really set the tone for the year. Our director
received complimentary notes from everyone
about the day.

- Darlene Moppert, MS, RD, LD/N
Program Manager, Nutrition Education & Training
Food & Nutrition Serv., Broward County Schools


See Sandy in Action The Wowplace Book
Keynote, Breakouts and Training Speechwriting, Coaching & Consulting Videos, Audio, Webinars

Sandy's high impact content focuses on the human concepts of WOW leadership and service, and the systems, organizational development and process improvement concepts that enable them to succeed.

She delivers them with a dash of fun, story-telling, humor and entertainment that inspires attendees to reach higher and take ownership of their role in the success of everyone in the organization!

Sandy has spent over 35 years working in both the corporate environment and as a small business owner. During that time, she also gained a substantial background in systems analysis and training, so she understands the interrelated people and systems challenges companies face.

Therefore, in addition to the "fun" aspects of creating unique and exceptional experiences, her programs also focus on the everyday, consistent WOWs of:

Communication: because it does no good to have policies and procedures in place if no one knows about them (or knows how to use them properly).

Empowerment: because it does no good for anyone to know about the policies and procedures in place if they are not empowered to use them; if they don’t feel “safe,” respected and valued enough to implement them; and if they are not rewarded for doing so.

Alignment: because no one will take ownership of their role in the organization’s success, and utilize those policies and procedures, if they don’t know why they’re doing it.

Sandy uses “whole brain” thinking to analyze and identify opportunities for improvement. The benefit for you is that she uses her creative side to present interactive programs that inspire all team members to deliver exceptional internal and external customer service, and her logical side to work with leaders to identify gaps in policies, procedures, tools, and communications that may be preventing team members from engaging and delivering those experiences.

Her new book, “Turn your workplace into a WOWplace” offers creative tools, templates and illustrative stories that engage people to learn and take ownership for helping achieve top and bottom line goals.

Contact her today to find out how to turn your workplace into a WOWplace!









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