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It's My Dream - And Who Am I to Stop Me?™

The entire session was great. The conversation about dreams was most useful. Sandy was a very energetic & interesting speaker. She didn’t just talk, she asked and received lots of audience participation. She was also a great singer.

She is one of the best presenters ever!! The subject is so very important and relevant. Dreams turn into realities!

More, more, more!

- IAAP International Conference Attendees

A goal is not a dream... and desire is not the same as motivation! Do you have a dream to be debt-free, own your own home, or pay off your mortgage early?  Maybe you’d like to earn an advanced degree, expand your options, or earn a higher income. Perhaps your dreams are far-reaching desires to move from a position of success to one of significance in your community or the world... or all of the above.

Whether you have achieved some dreams and are ready to move on to accomplishing more, or you are continually setting goals and “getting ready” to accomplish them, without ever reaching the desired result, this program inspires and entertains as Sandy shares the mindsets and habits of high achievers, as well as key principles and tips to reach your dreams. This program will foster the proper mindsets and help you create a framework and plan to achieve success and increase self-reliance and self-confidence. You will also begin the path to setting – and achieving - your own personal and professional dreams before you leave this program!

Learning outcomes for this program

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Learn critical mindsets and habits of high achievers, and how they succeed
  • Learn tips, tools, and technicals for ensuring goals are attainable – and attained - and for keeping yourself motivated and accountable to your dreams
  • Examine your success/failure behavior patterns
  • Develop action items in “baby steps” to accomplish goals – it’s not an overnight process!
  • Receive a framework for your own Life Plan designed to combine personal and professional values and goals that can be implemented immediately

Discussion Points:

  • What have I done wrong with regard to setting goals in the past?  What have I done right?
  • Are there any common themes?
  • How do I set appropriate and reasonable goals?
  • The importance of dreaming and putting your dreams in writing.
  • How do I keep myself motivated and accountable to my goals, even when the going gets tough?
  • What excuses have I used in the past to hold myself back? How do I eliminate them once and for all?
  • Key concepts for creating a “Life Plan” that meshes personal and career goals and creates a written plan that is easily monitored, adjusted as necessary – and achieved!

     Let Sandy help members of your organization discover how successful they can be when they have the proper mindsets, set realistic goals, commit to them, monitor them and finally - achieve them by getting rid of the excuses holding them back!

More comments from attendees of Sandy's "Dream" Program:

Her energy is contagious and the program completely inspiring! It’s perfect!

Good practical information that can be applied to daily life.

Most useful? Sandy’s energy…she knows her material. Great presentation – very motivating. Thanks for the push I needed!

Most useful? The enthusiasm and the liveliness of the speaker. She was so animated and inspiring. Good singing too. It was perfect!!

Inspiration – enthusiasm – encouragement. Sandy is excellent!!

10 Dynamite Goal-Setting Tips Anyone Can Use!

     Call us today at 407-856-1188, or e-mail us for more details regarding this exciting seminar designed to help organizations become more productive through the effective use of goal-setting techniques.








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