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Programs for Administrative Professionals

Administrative Professional Day Programs - Staff Training & Development - Admin Conference Speaker

Keynote & Breakout Programs to Educate, Inform and
Support the Supporters of your organization

Capital One admin keynote

Sandy Geroux has more than 18 years of administrative experience. She now helps other administrative professionals create the WOW factor, become more effective and efficient, and achieve their personal and professional dreams. Since the year 2000, she has conducted over 100 keynotes, training programs and workshops for more than 13,000 administrative professionals in 41 countries. Her columns and articles appear in many administrative publications, including ASAP, IAAP, Progressive Business Publications' Administrative Update, and Executive Secretary Magazine.

Contact her today to discuss bringing an educational and entertaining program to your administrative staff!


"Thank you is clearly inadequate to express, on behalf of the APN network, our thanks for your being with us last Wednesday and presenting to our admins across the enterprise. What we are hearing is nothing less than expected….it was truly a great day in the life of admins across the company! Thank you so very much!

- Betty Blodgett, CAP-OM / Capital One


"I just had to send you a note and say THANK YOU for your words of inspiration the past couple of days when you came to P&G and talked to our group of admins. You are a very special person doing very special work, and I appreciate you and the path that led you to where you are – and to us.

Julie Schuster / P&G



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Sandy will kick off her program (or your conference) with her song parody, "Man! I Feel Administrative!"

Click to hear a demo of the song!


… Sandy’s programs to “Support the Supporters”, containing real-life examples from her experience as an administrative professional, are for you!


High Impact Skills Training Programs
Armey Corps of Eng-ERDC training Customer Service, Leadership, Grammar & Writing

Book them individually or as a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly training series!

Customer Service: Creating the WOW for Customers (designed for 1.5 days, but can be customized to fit your required length)

"I never realized how the intent expression on my face when I'm concentrating affected others until you had us look at the inadvertent messages we're giving with our body language. Thank you for helping me realize this - it's made a BIG difference!"    (Customer Service training program attendee)

As an administrative professional, one of the most important aspects of your job is delivering world-class customer service - sometimes to outside customers, but most often to internal customers who need your assistance to help them do their jobs better. In fact, usually an admin's job is to "look good by making others look good!" Questions and considerations addressed in this training seminar include:

View a full outline of this outstanding program!

Leadership in the WOWplace (designed for 1.5 days, but can be customized to fit your required length)

"One of the things I appreciated most was the depth of the information."    (WOWplace leadership program attendee)

Leadership does not always come with a formal title. Administrative professionals must be exceptional leaders, with or without the title, in order to do their job effectively, get others on board with organizational objectives and foster teamwork, accountability and loyalty in the workplace. Questions and considerations addressed in this training seminar include:

Army Corps of Eng-ERDC training

View a full outline of this outstanding program!


WOWplace® Grammar Workshop: Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say! (designed for 1.5 days, but can be customized for required length)

"This class was exceptional. I keep my workbook on my desk next to me at all times so I can refer back to it when needed!"    (WOWplace grammar training program attendee)

Do your written communications make you and your boss look better... or worse as a professional? Your spelling and grammar skills speak volumes in professional settings and if you want to put your best foot forward - on behalf of yourself and your organization - you must master the words and phrases that can either boost your credibility or destroy it. Questions and considerations addressed in this training seminar include:

View a full outline of this outstanding program!


WOWplace® Writing Workshop: Effective Writing is a WOW! (designed for 1.5 days, but can be customized for required length)

"I have problems getting to the point quickly. Your tips and organizational tools and templates will help me tighten up my writing."  (WOWplace writing workshop attendee)

In addition to requiring excellent spelling and grammatical skills, your writing style, concise explanations and interesting style can help make communications clear and enjoyable to read, or create a situation where they are time-consuming to understand and difficult to get through. In this workshop, attendees bring sample work products and projects to work on while in class in order to help them use their newfound skills in real situations that will help them boost their writing skills even before they leave the class. Questions and considerations addressed in this training seminar include:

View a full outline of this outstanding program!


High Impact Special Event & Conference Programs

motivational program for Capital One

If you're looking for a program to kick off new intiatives for Administrative Professionals, provide an inspiring keynote, general session or full-day program for Administrative Professionals Week, or offer exciting breakout programs for your Administrative Professionals conference, Sandy is the ideal speaker for you!

Sandy can also EMCEE your conference with entertaining and inspiring messages that combine your content and hers to create conference experiences that have attendees raving about long after they are through!

With over 18 years of experience as an Administrative Professional, from entry level through Executive Assistant, Sandy can relate to all professionals at every level. Due to Sandy's success in inspiring Administrative Professionals to achieve their personal and professional dreams and goals, she is:

Below is a list of select programs Sandy can present for Administrative Professionals. Choose from the list of programs below, or call Sandy to arrange an inspiring customized program for your organization!


Creating the WOW for Your Company, Your Career and Your Life!

Whether you want to create the WOW in your personal or professional life, several elements are critically important, and we must not simply accept the status quo as inevitable and/or unavoidable. We can begin making huge impacts in our lives and our careers by answering one question:

Will I
Won't I

...do what is necessary at this particular moment to make a difference in my own life or the life of someone else? Will I take the action necessary to satisfy this customer? Will I go out of my way to help this colleague, even though I'm tired or in a bad mood today? Will I act according to my values, each and every time I have the chance to make a difference in the life of someone else? If the answer is yes... the WOW will happen for you - and everyone around you.

In this program, you will:

No Risk, No Reward: Creating Breakthrough Performance Through Effective Risk-Taking
(Alternatively titled: The Risk Not Taken: Sometimes It Can Cost You More)

Armey Corps of Eng-ERDC training

As a society, we're often taught to avoid risk and focus on playing it "safe." What we're not taught is that some level of risk is necessary in order to progress forward, nor are we taught what this level is, how to gauge and leverage it for our own success, and the high personal cost of "playing it safe" - especially in today's competitive business environment. This program is designed to help attendees create breakthrough performance by learning to think differently about taking risks and realize the critical importance of taking calculated and appropriate risks. They will also discover the factors they will face when deciding to take risks, as well as principles to follow to achieve their goals and gain buy-in from others. Sandy shares personal experience and the experiences of others who have escaped the trap of "playing it safe" to inspire attendees to think more creatively about taking personal and professional risks. With this program, Sandy also helps organizations create a climate that encourages and rewards reasonable and appropriate risk, so employees feel empowered to connect with their values and creativity to produce exceptional experiences for themselves, their colleagues and their customers!

Following this program, you will:


It's My Dream... And Who Am I To Stop Me?
(Alternatively titled: It’s A Do-It-Yourself World: Who’s Really Responsible for Achieving Our Dreams?)

Are you good at setting goals?  Maybe you’re great at it…but do you usually accomplish them, or do they often go by the wayside, like so many New Year’s resolutions?  Are you continually setting goals, or “getting ready” to accomplish them…without ever reaching the desired result?  Do you feel you’re being held back?  We’re all good goal-setters, but how many of us actually achieve the goals we set – especially the big ones?  Let’s face it – it’s a Do-It-Yourself World!  We must accept personal responsibility for successfully achieving our dreams, or we’ll never reach the desired results.  Whatever your dreams, this interactive, hands-on program is designed to help you discover how to effectively make plans to accomplish your dreams.  You will learn key principles and tips for doing so by developing the right mindsets, creating a framework and plan to achieve success, and increasing your self-reliance and self-confidence. You will actually begin the path to setting – and achieving - your own personal and professional dreams before you leave this session!

In this program, you will:


Help Yourself to Greater Confidence

Do you have confidence in your knowledge and abilities when you’re alone, only to have all that confidence and courage disappear in the pressure of a real-live situation?  The good news is that confidence is not something you’re simply born with – you can acquire greater confidence by focusing on self-improvement, being willing to overcome fear and take action, and changing the way you think, speak and act with regard to your talents and abilities.  Sandy will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will allow you to capitalize on your strengths and help yourself to stores of buried confidence you never knew you had!

In this program, you will:


Take the Initiative: Make Things Happen and Get Noticed at Work

P&G admin training

Do you sometimes wonder how certain people receive opportunities that the rest of us just don’t get?  How do they position themselves to receive those opportunities – is it just luck, or do they do something special to make things happen for them?  If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, this program will help you realize how to position yourself to recognize opportunity when it knocks, cause it to “knock” more often, and capitalize on it when it does.  Learn the importance of taking action to create positive circumstances and opportunities for yourself at work – and in life in general!

In this program, you will:


The Executive Edge and Beyond: Challenges and Opportunities for Seasoned Administrative Professionals

Seasoned administrative professionals face many challenges, including boredom with repetitious duties, burnout and resentment due to limited options for positions at the desired level.  In addition, bosses change, co-workers change, technologies change… duties may even shift to other individuals, leaving them disconnected and confused as to what their exact duties are and to whom they will report.

In this highly interactive, situation-based program, seasoned professionals will not only learn guidelines and principles for reducing and eliminating boredom from their daily positions, but will also share with each other best (and worst) practices for building credibility, utilizing skills transferability and coaching and developing others (including their bosses), as well as creating options and opportunities outside the Administrative field into management… and beyond.

In this program, you will:


Don't Drop the Ball... Methods to Help With Multi-Tasking

In the old days, support staff had limited responsibilities and could focus on one task at a time. No more! Today’s admin typically has not only routine daily tasks, but also undertakes special projects, managerial responsibilities, and teamwork. That’s not to mention the unexpected and urgent things that come up each day. Help is here. This fast-paced session provides realistic techniques for setting priorities, tips on managing time so that the unexpected doesn’t control you, and ideas for boosting your ability to focus and reduce distractions.

In this program, you will:


The Power of Using a Skills Portfolio

ERDC training

Skills Portfolios have been used for many years in the creative and artistic fields.  However, many professionals in other areas are beginning to realize the power of using this invaluable tool to advance their careers, differentiate themselves in job interviews and demonstrate their unique skills.  Join Sandy as she shows you how to create an effective physical or electronic Skills Portfolio, how to use it properly in an interview… and how to advance your career – or even create a new position for yourself – within your current company.  In this workshop, participants will work with each other to begin thinking about, writing and actually creating their own personal Skills Portfolio before the course ends!

In this program, you will:

More comments from attendees of Sandy's programs for Administrative Professionals:

About Sandy's keynote programs for Administrative Professionals:

Thanks again for doing the most fabulous keynote address we have ever had, in my humble opinion!

Dynamic, inspirational. Just what I needed for encouragement today. One of the most authentic speakers I've had the pleasure to listen to.

Sandy should have been our first keynote speaker. We need someone that great first thing in the morning.

Awesome presentation. Sandy imparts such practical but powerful advice.

Best song ever. Sandy is great. Best ever performer!

Great energy & spirit. Funny, encouraging and interesting, and amazingly positive. I loved her!!!

Great speaker! Really motivated and opened my mind.

She was the best speaker of the day. I would love to learn more from her!

She was very good - really positive and great for the afternoon. She made me re-energized!

Very inspirational! Bring her back for all conferences. She was absolutely wonderful.

Best speaker yet!! Phenomenal at getting the message across!

This was the best workshop. Thank you, IAAP!

The presentation was right on target with my current needs at work


About Sandy's training and breakout programs for Administrative Professionals:

Fantastic tools!! Genuine – high energy – positive! I thoroughly enjoyed her stories and how they related to what she was teaching. Bring her back again for more topics!

The speaker was very, very prepared for the session. She was very motivating and because of this was able to get a lot of audience participation. She presented real-life stories that we were able to identify with.

Very uplifting and positive – motivational – inspiring. Everyone seemed to love the entire program. Can’t think of anything to improve it.

Best workshop I have attended. Excellent workshop – extremely motivating.

She was so energetic and passionate! What a great speaker to have early in the morning! Kept our attention at all times!

The worksheet that makes you think and work through your responses was most useful. I really liked her enthusiasm and motivation.

Sandy was excellent. Class kept moving. She had me totally awake at 8:00 am.

Extremely good information presented with tremendous energy. Sandy was optimistic and a very enthusiastic speaker.

Not just a "pep rally." Great information

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