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Motivational keynote speaker, employee engagement, customer service

Workplace: where employees HAVE to go because they make a paycheck.

The WOW place where people LOVE to go because they make a difference!

I wanted to let you know what great feedback we are continuing to receive from your keynote at our National Franchise Conference. The lessons learned
have been a big hit with our franchise community.

It's a real testimonial on your program when
months after the event owners are still engaged
in implementing the key points you stressed.
Not only was your presentation entertaining, it is
making a positive difference in our business.

- Jim George / President & CEO,
The Snip-Its Corporation

The The WOW place Rules® Rules:

  1. A WOWplace is Safe
  2. A WOWplace is Respectful
  3. A Wowplace is Human...
    not Humanoid
  4. A WOWplace is Innovative,
    Creative and Fun!
  5. A WOWplace is Rewarding









Sandy's Clients

Sandy's Clients


Your presentation was the highlight of the
morning and really set the tone for the year.
Our director received complimentary notes
from everyone about the day.

- Darlene Moppert, MS, RD, LD/N
Program Manager, Nutrition Education
& Training, Food & Nutrition Services,
Broward County Schools


See Sandy in Action The Wowplace Book
Keynote, Breakouts and Training Speechwriting, Coaching & Consulting Videos, Audio, Webinars

Helping leaders connect with team members ~ Helping team members connect with customers


What if your leaders were better able to connect with - and inspire - team members to share ideas, improve processes and WOW their internal and external customers?

How could you put that to use to boost productivity, sales, profits and morale?


What if you could provide a customized motivational keynote or training program to create breakthrough performance in the areas of WOW leadership, employee engagement and customer service?

Sandy delivers interactive programs for:

  • executives, managers and supervisors.
  • administrative professionals who lead from within the “backbone” of the organization.
  • front-line customer service professionals.

Her high impact content focuses on:

  • reinforcing the human concepts of WOW leadership, service and respect, and the vital
    difference between "human duties" and "job duties."
  • helping teams identify critical systems and process improvements necessary for success at the highest level.
  • inspiring attendees to reach higher and take ownership of their role and contribution to the organization’s success.

With a dash of fun, story-telling and humor, Sandy combines real-life corporate, entrepreneurial, entertainment, training and speaking experience and knowledge in her programs. This makes her uniquely qualified to help attendees proactively identify the nuances that create WOW experiences. She also shows them how to immediately apply the WOWplace lessons and concepts in their organization.

Thus, her customized programs, as well as her new book, “Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace” are overflowing with practical ideas and creative tools, templates and illustrative stories.

Another plus is Sandy’s dynamic speaking style, which has been described by those who have seen her as EI-EI-OH! (Enthusiastic, Inspiring, Energetic and Informative - OH)!


Contact Sandy today to help put the fun in your FUNction, the "Human" in your resources... and turn your workplace into a WOWplace!
















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